Sistema iromassaggio, Whirlpool system

Getting into the bathtub and taking the right time to enjoy a nice relaxing hydrotherapy massage is a gift given to themselves.

What is a whirlpool massage? A mixture of air and water driven by an electric pump flows out from the outlets and, upon the contact with the skin, stimulates blood circulation producing beneficial effects for the body care. The whirlpool bathtubs are equipped with a set of adjustable outlets whose number and position are the result of ergonomic studies applied to design. The outlets can be easily removed from inside the bath to guarantee simple maintenance and absolute hygiene. The pump, main element of BluBleu whirlpool system, is the result of the experience and the know-how of a leading electric pumps designer and manufacturer. The strengths that characterize it are the quite operation, the low energy consumption with high mechanical yield, the perfect electrical insulation and the self draining system which drains away all the water from the circuit, at the end of the cycle, preventing the formation of unhygienic stagnation. All BluBleu whirlpool bathtubs are equipped with an electronic Level Sensor which does not allow the starting of the pump if the water level is lower than the outlets thus preventing the activation of the whirlpool system by empty bath tub.